When is the right time to be admitted into a Drug & Alcohol rehab centre?

This is just one of the most agonizing questions loved ones ask themselves when they are thinking of getting a family member that’s struggling with drug/alcohol addiction help. When is the right time to say you’ve had enough and something needs to be done? Unfortunately, a lot of the time you find families/parents waiting for a long period of time before they say enough is enough. But whilst they wait the addiction gets worse, things fall apart, sometimes lives are put at risk, people get hurt, jobs are lost, future progress ruined and the addiction gets more difficult to treat.

So the answer to the question “WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO GET INTO REHAB?” shouldn’t be “When the time is right” or “When we can’t manage to cover the situation anymore”. The answer to this question should be” as soon as we see a problem”. You might be asking yourself what sort of problem to look out for? Well, the following indicates some of the problems to look out for:

  • When the substance addiction is keeping your loved one from going to school/work or holding down a job.
  • When your addicted loved one is making family life unbearable because of his/her addiction.
  • When you are afraid for their safety.
  • When the addicted loved one has got into trouble with the law/at school because of his/her substance addiction/use.
  • When he/she has gotten into financial trouble because of his addiction.
  • When they try to stop using but they fail.

Source: https://ncadd.org/about-addiction/signs-and-symptoms/what-to-look-for-signs-and-symptoms

This is just some of the problems that should set alarms. It’s never too late for anyone to get into rehab and start treatment. The sooner you start the better. “Recovery is not only possible, it’s a reality.”

A lot of times families try to cover the addiction of a loved one because of the stigma associated with addiction. But if you send a loved one to rehab and admit the family can’t cover for this addiction any more, things will change in all your lives. Rehab has benefits and admitting there is a problem and getting your loved one help is so much better that trying to cover it up.

It will not only end with Rehab. Rehab will give them a chance to a new and healthy life. If he/she attends the programs and actively works towards living a sober life, your loved one will once again enjoy a happy life.

So, when is the right time to get your loved one that’s having problems with substance addiction/use? The answer is NOW! Talk to your loved one and help them find a treatment centre that offers an individualized treatment program.