Youth, Drug Abuse and Causes (Part 2)

From  our last article we looked at some of the statistics concerning the Youth, substance use and health effects of substance abuse. In this weeks article we briefly look at some of the causes of substance abuse amongst the youth.

We are human from fertilization with the Embryo’s Conception to birth and so on. Although this article is focusing more on youth, the causes of drug use are similar across the board. There is a close correlation between Substance abuse and mental health conditions.

‘’Recognizing anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders—and even the symptoms of these conditions—in youth and helping children to cope, treating them when necessary, is the best approach because then they will be less likely to seek drugs and alcohol to treat the symptoms of these conditions,” Kathleen R. Merikangas, PhD.

There are many different reasons behind drug use by Youth. Some of the reasons include the following :

–          Curiosity/Experimentation

–          Peer pressure

–          To gain weight/lose weight

–          To relax from the Stress

–          Emotional struggles

–          A desire to escape

Family history may also have an influence in being a part of reason a person becomes addicted.  Although poor choices are part of being a teenager, they can’t be blamed for their genes, especially if they haven’t been educated. If there is a family history of addiction, be honest and open a dialogue about the real risks of substance abuse.

Youth with prior psychiatric conditions have a Higher risk of using/abusing alcohol and other illegal drugs. Substance abuse amongst Youth causes a huge problem in every area of a young person’s life. Experimentation is something that is real and is one of the things that play a big role in teenage drug abuse.


IOL News article  – 2017