The Youth Unit

Clearview Clinic Youth Unit (LESEDI HOUSE)

Lesedi (meaning light) Give light and young people will find the way. Ella Baker

Clearview clinic’s youth facility is able to accommodate adolescent boys between the ages of 12 and 18 years old.The patient is provided 24-hour care and we ensure a medically supervised detoxification. In addition, they attend lectures, workshops, group therapy and individual counselling to educate them about the psychological and physical implications of long-term substance abuse.

During the period of treatment, patients are able to take a serious look at the reasons why they have used drugs in the past, such as emotional triggers, certain events or friends. We focus on helping patients learn how to deal with peer-pressure and other negative social influences.

Patients are also taught to effectively address emotional or psychological issues that could interfere with their recovery through group and individual counselling. The staff at Clearview Clinic also help determine the patient’s own unique relapse warning signs.

After successful completion of the impatient program, the patient will return home much better equipped with the ability to avoid drug abuse and live a normal life.

Youth Unit Primary Treatment program includes:

Assessment, Medical detoxification, 21-24 day’s treatment, Tailored treatment, School work time: We encourage pupils/students to continue studying whilst being rehabilitated. This is done in collaboration with the learner’s school. Services offered also includes educational assistance, Tranquil and healing environment, Creative Art therapy, Occupational therapy, Group therapy sessions, Individual therapy, Movement therapy, Equine therapy, Family intervention and counselling.

The treatment offered is supervised by our multi-disciplinary team of mental health practitioners and support staff:

Psychiatrists, Clinical psychologist, Social workers, Physiotherapist, Dietician, Trauma Counselor, Group therapist, Addiction counsellor, Spiritual counsellor, Nurses.

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