Daily Therapeutic Program

Clearview Clinic has a wide range of programs. These includes group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, equine therapy, art therapy, music- relaxation therapy and spiritual counseling.

1. Group Therapy:
Group therapy at Clearview includes a series on healing emotions and anger management, pastoral narrative therapy, addiction recovery (cycle of change) and life skills training. We encourage group activities such as meditation walks On daily basis or through an exciting game of soccer, basketball or volleyball. The group therapy program is facilitated by our experienced addiction recovery team. This consists of specialized trained psychologist, social workers and motivation speakers.

2. Health Education:
The nursing staff offer health education sessions to inform clients of the medical consequences of substance abuse and to provide training on healthy ways of living without the substance.

3. Individual Therapy:
Clients have individual therapy sessions throughout the program, and often continue with individual therapy following discharge.

4. Art Therapy/Occupational therapy:
This is incorporate into the program to assist clients in strengthening their identities of hope and sobriety through studio art and creative art projects. This unit is run by qualified therapist in the field.

5. Equine Therapy:
In association with Saddle Ridge, our clients attend sessions of equine therapy. Working with the majestic horses of the Saddle Ridge Equine Centre, they learn to trust and be trusted, and learn about their own approaches and character in interpersonal situations.

6. Family Reintegration:
Families of our clients are invited to attend family therapy sessions. This helps family members to gain insight into the clients experiences, and for everyone to understand the nature of the problem. Family reintegration allows an opportunity for discussions regarding the support the family might require following treatment, as well as aftercare options in the client’s residential area. There is a joint family session every Sunday in coordination with Tough Love South Africa.

7. Music-Relaxation:
Music is used for its positive effects on people in recovery from substance abuse. The therapists incorporate music into the program and uses music to encourage relaxation and fun.

8. Exercise/Movement therapy:
Clients attend weekly basic Taekwon-Do training at Clearview Clinic, which assists with physical recovery of the body. Clients are taught in each session to execute some complex movements, which increases physical strength, builds muscles, and results in the trust of the body’s ability to balance and rely on itself. Furthermore, clients gain confidence in themselves following the execution of fine and complex movements during sessions.

9. Spiritual counselling/support:
Spiritual growth is one of the cornerstone of sustained sobriety. These services are offered to clients when they are admitted.

10. Support groups:
Patients are prepared and motivated to join support groups after discharge. This is pre-arranged during admission. Every Saturday Morning, patients have opportunity to attend support group meeting in the clinic coordinated in conjunction with AA/NA groups.